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Family Finder DNA Kits

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WorldVitalRecords DNA Testing

At WorldVitalRecords we are excited to offer DNA Testing to help you take advantage of this revolutionary technology for advancing your family history research.  We are offering DNA testing at very affordable prices for a limited time.  Get more information HERE.

Your ancestors left clues to your family history in you and in other descendants, and you can unlock these clues by testing your DNA.

With our simple cheek swab test you can:

  • Discover previously unknown relatives via DNA matches
  • Uncover the ethnic and geographical origins of your ancestors
  • Prove or disprove whether you and another person are related through a common ancestor
  • Break through “brick walls” encountered during your family history research
DNA Test

DNA Test - Click to find our more

DNA tests are useful for identifying the deep ancestral origins of your direct paternal line (Y-DNA), your direct maternal line (mtDNA), finding relatives across all lines via autosomal DNA (Family Finder), and producing a percentage breakdown of your ethnic roots and DNA matching.

WorldVitalRecords has partnered with Family Tree DNA, the global leader in genetic genealogy. Family Tree DNA pioneered the genealogy DNA industry and has amassed the world’s largest DNA database, providing the best capabilities for genealogy DNA matching.

Family Tree DNA is also well known for its work with National Geographic on the Genographic Project, and it operates its state-of-the-art genetic genealogy lab in Houston, Texas. Privacy is strictly maintained and DNA results are not shared with anyone but you.

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DNA tests are available to meet different research objectives and budgets. For an introductory period, all prices are discounted for WorldVitalRecords subscribers, starting as low as $89.10.

Want to learn more? Read the detailed Frequently Asked Questions about DNA on WorldVitalRecords.com.

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  1. I purchased a test yesterday and I should have used my maiden name. Is it too lare to change it.? Using Cohen will take my line down all the wrong places as I am not Jewish by birth. I should have used Shippam. Can you help? Or give me a contact that can help?

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