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Sometimes You Succeed (or Finding My Brothers’ Graves)

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

My four siblings and I were born in Boulder, Colorado, back in a previous century. My older brother, Alan, died the day he was born. Do the math; I never met him. One of my younger brothers, Douglas, died three days after he was born, but I never met him, either. My older sister recalls seeing him and attending the small funeral. One of the ironies of life in the modern world is that both died of complications of an Rh-factor problem. Less than two decades later, this problem was quite manageable and reliably survivable.

My only related memory is of visiting my brothers’ graves at a small cemetery near the Boulder airport. I remember cards in plastic, marking the graves until gravestones would be installed.

We left Boulder for southeastern Idaho when I was ten. I was the first to return, and that was more that 30 years later. My parents’ recollection was that they never bought gravestones. There has been talk for some years of needing to go back to Boulder and take care of that.

My family and I were vacationing in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas several years ago, and we decided to spend a day in Boulder. I took them on a short tour of landmarks, including the home where I spent my first decade; the nearby park through which I was not supposed to walk on my way home from school, but often did; and my first elementary school, now renamed. I took some photos, then managed to lose the memory card containing them before returning home.

We went to one — or maybe it’s a hundred — of Boulder’s main attractions, the Pearl Street pedestrian mall. I left the family there and went to find the nearest cemetery to the airport, according to an online map. It was as I remembered it, including the airport’s landing pattern. My mission was to get information which would help us finally to place gravestones at my brothers’ graves and, if possible, to find the graves themselves.

Check Out the New Digs

Friday, May 17th, 2013

The MyHeritage Utah office, which houses the WorldVitalRecords team, moved last week from Provo to Lehi. We’re growing, as is the whole company, but the change is less about space than about moving to a location that will help us recruit top talent from a larger area; the Salt Lake Valley is literally a few minutes away. This, in turn, will help us to provide more and more valuable family history data and an even better experience to our growing subscriber base.

We thought you might like to see the new office and its environs and learn a bit about the area, too.

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The company name and logo on the front door, backed by art on the receptionist's wall

Our Habitat: The Wasatch Front

Utah’s Wasatch Front consists of the Salt Lake City metro area, Utah Valley (the Provo-Orem area) to the south, and the Ogden area to the north. Over two million people — roughly 80 percent of Utah’s population — live along the Wasatch Front.

On a normal day you can drive from one end of this concentration of people to the other in less than an hour and a half. In light traffic, and at the prevailing speed on Interstate 15 — at least 10 mph above the legal speed limit — you can do it in an hour, assuming you’re not pulled over.

The Wasatch Mountains, renowned for their skiing, run north and south just east of the cities and valleys; hence the term Wasatch Front. To the west are the smaller Oquirrh Mountains and the Great Salt Lake.

Local leaders like to call the Wasatch Front “Silicon Slopes,” and it’s not just hype. This is now one of the top ten concentrations of the high tech industry in the United States. High tech and financial companies whose names you would recognize just keep moving in, and new start-ups you will someday recognize just keep, well, starting up.


DNA Testing now available from WorldVitalRecords

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013
Family Finder DNA Kits

Family Finder DNA Kits - Click to Zoom

WorldVitalRecords DNA Testing

At WorldVitalRecords we are excited to offer DNA Testing to help you take advantage of this revolutionary technology for advancing your family history research.  We are offering DNA testing at very affordable prices for a limited time.  Get more information HERE.

Your ancestors left clues to your family history in you and in other descendants, and you can unlock these clues by testing your DNA.

With our simple cheek swab test you can:

  • Discover previously unknown relatives via DNA matches
  • Uncover the ethnic and geographical origins of your ancestors
  • Prove or disprove whether you and another person are related through a common ancestor
  • Break through “brick walls” encountered during your family history research (more…)

Meet our historical content team

Friday, March 30th, 2012

The Provo, Utah office is delighted to welcome two new members to the MyHeritage Family: Russ Wilding and Roger Bell.

Roger Bell (L) and Russ Wilding (R)
Roger Bell (L) and Russ Wilding (R)

They are the former founders of, which was acquired by in 2010. Russ has been appointed chief content officer and Roger is VP Product.  They will be based in the MyHeritage Utah office.

Russ and Roger will be responsible for increasing the volume of international historical record content for our users. This will be a major benefit to our user base as it will complement the massive amount of user-contributed content that has made MyHeritage the world’s largest family social network for discovering and sharing family memories. (more…)

New: MyHeritage offers DNA tests to help unlock more genealogy clues

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

MyHeritage is proud to take genealogy to the new millennium by offering a revolutionary technology for advancing family history research — DNA testing — at affordable prices.

MyHeritage DNA tests (click to zoom)

Your ancestors left clues to your family history in you and in other descendents, and you can unlock these clues by testing your DNA.

Order your DNA test now

DNA testing can help you:

  • Discover previously unknown relatives via DNA matches
  • Uncover the ethnic and geographical origins of your ancestors
  • Prove or disprove whether you and another person are related through a common ancestor
  • Break through “brick walls” encountered during your family history research

DNA tests are useful for identifying the deep ancestral origins of your direct paternal line (Y-DNA), your direct maternal line (mtDNA), finding relatives across all lines via autosomal DNA (Family Finder) and producing a percentage breakdown of your ethnic roots.

Continue Reading MyHeritage Offers DNA Tests

MyHeritage at RootsTech 2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012

WorldVitalRecords at Rootstech 2012

Here at WorldVitalRecords we are all very excited about the upcoming Rootstech Conference.  Soon over 3,000 people will gather at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City to learn and share technology and genealogy.

The MyHeritage Team at Rootstech

As many of you know, 3 months ago MyHeritage acquired WorldVitalRecords and since then we are the MyHeritage team in the US. To read all the details of the announcement read here.  As you can see in the image to the left there will be many from MyHeritage USA and MyHeritage attending this year. (more…)

Family History Bulletin: Nov 2011 Issue

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

WorldVitalRecords Nov 2011 Issue

Family History Bulletin
Coopers Gravestone Cooper’s Grave, A Reminder of the Special Nature of Burial Sites.

by Mark Olsen

In no time I was winding up the side of a mountain on an old paved road, just high enough to be above most of the homes. East Lawn Memorial Hills Cemetery was quite the surprise. I thought back to the recent burial of my grandfather and wished this picturesque location could have been chosen for his final resting place. I meandered through the cemetery roads a bit and then pulled over and began to walk the rows of in-the-ground, flat tombstones.

That is when I made a discovery at a one of the most beautiful burial grounds I had ever seen…

Read More

We’ve Added More Records

As we work to bring you the best family history records, we are constantly finding and releasing new content for you to use in your search.

Nov 2011 New Records:

From Social Security Indexes to censuses, we have added over 150 million records in the last 6 months to assist you with your family history research.

Start Searching

Family History Search Together

Recently Added: Over 20 Million Names to Military Databases

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Many of us have ancestors who have served in the military. In Genealogy, military records contain some of the most pertinent information of an ancestor’s life. These records can include: birth and death dates, names and addresses of family members, and details of your ancestor’s service.

On FamilyLink and WorldVitalRecords, we have an ever-growing collection of military data. We have recently added over 20 million names to our collection! Find out if we have information you are looking for. Click the link below to get started-

Newly Added Military Databases Include
US Army Registers, 1813-1969
Official histories of divisions, regiments, etc.
Boys of ‘98: History of the Tenth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Duke of Cornwall’s Own Rifles: Regimental History of the Forty-Third Regiment, Active Militia of Canada
Heroes of the Argonne: Authentic History of the Thirty-Fifth Division
Extract From the History of the Third Regiment Rhode Island Heavy Artillery

Other Highlights from our Current Military collection
World War II Army Enlistment
World War II Reserve Corps Records
Air Force Registers (US)
World War II Prisoners of War 1941 – 1946
Revolutionary War Land Bounty Grants
Union Regiments of Kentucky
Roster of North Carolina Troops in the War Between the States
Queenslanders Who Fought in Great War
Army Casualties 1961 – 1981
Militia Attestations Index, 1886 – 1910
Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia

We’re Related on Facebook Becomes One of the First Verified Applications

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

PROVO, UT, May 21, 2009 – After more than a year of anticipation for verified applications, Facebook announced today its verified application program and We’re Related is one of the first verified apps.

“We are excited that We’re Related provides a trustworthy user experience and has become a verified application. Instead of wondering which of the 52,000 applications are good, users can now see a green check mark of approval from Facebook. We feel gratified to have that check mark by our name,” said Jason McGowan, Chief Social Officer,, Inc.

We’re Related on Facebook, the number four most popular application, and the number 1 social application for families, has an audience of more than 40 million people who have defined nearly 200 million family relationships using the application. We’re Related helps individuals stay in touch with their families by connecting them to their possible relatives, and also by sharing photos, news events, links, favorites lists, and more.

Facebook’s Application Verification Program is an optional program designed to provide applications with a way to stand out and to reassure users that the application will provide a good experience. Users of verified applications can feel confident that these applications strive to be transparent about how they work and how they respect social expectations between friends. Verified applications prominently appear in the Application Directory where a green check mark signals to users that an application has been verified.

The evaluation criteria to become a verified application includes meeting the guiding principles of trustworthy applications, complying with Facebook policies and verification expectations, following all Facebook Platform Terms and Policies, and using all of Facebook’s integration points  (e.g., user-to-user notifications) in the way they are intended to be used.


About, Inc., Inc. seeks to become the world’s leading social networking company for families. It was formed in 2006 by the original founding executive of and The company operates several genealogy websites and has popular applications on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, and Friendster., Inc. also operates the AdMazing ad network that helps high traffic family history and heritage sites monetize their audiences. The company currently has more than 200 million monthly page views and is growing by nearly 30% each month. Social media partners include Social Media, Cubics, Viximo, Appssavvy, and AdParlor. Genealogy partners include Everton, brightsolid, the Statute of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation,,, Godfrey Memorial Library, and FamilySearch.

Media Contact
Whitney Ransom McGowan
Corporate Communications Director, Inc.
(801) 377-0588

Try Out TweetDeck on Twitter

Monday, May 4th, 2009

By Whitney McGowan,, Inc.

You may have heard of Twitter, but have you started using TweetDeck? TweetDeck describes its product as follows: “TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what’s happening now, connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more. TweetDeck shows you everything you want to see at once, so you can stay organised and up to date.” For example, you can view all of your friends who are using Twitter, all of the replies you have received, and all your direct messages. You can also send Tweets to groups, and much more!

You can follow what we are doing at, Inc. on Twitter (and also using TweetDeck). Here are the names to search to follow us:


TweetDeck also offers features such as:

Facebook Status Updates—This features allows you to view your friends’ Facebook status updates on Tweetdeck.

12seconds— 12seconds allows you to share short video with your friends using your webcam or mobile. You can record 12-second posts right out of TweetDeck to share with everyone including your Twitter followers.

Twitscoop— Twitscoop allows you to stay on top of hot topics or discussions that are happening on Twitter.

StockTwits— StockTwits is an open, community-powered investment idea and information service. Hear what traders and investors are talking about RIGHT NOW or contribute to the conversation and build your reputation.