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Using The Genealogy Blog Finder

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Blogs, blogs, blogs! It seems like everyone has a blog these days. In fact, based on 2008 statistics there are 133 million blogs on the Internet (as tracked by Technorati), and approximately 900,000 new blog posts are added each day. Among this proliferation of blogs are thousands on the topic of genealogy and family history. How does one keep track of all of them? Better question…how does one sift through all of the blogs to find the genealogy blogs?

Renee Zamora recently drew my attention to a website called Genealogy Blog Finder, a site that helps you do just that—find blogs about genealogy. The site is sponsored by, a site by Chris Dunham who has been documenting blogs since May 2005. Chris’s genealogy blog covers genealogy news, reviews, notes and humorous nonsense (which explains why the subtitle of his blog is: Genealogy News You Can’t Possible Use).

The Genealogy Blog Finder currently tracks more than 1,200 blogs. Once you arrive at the Genealogy Blog Finder ( you can find blogs that have been recently updated. You can see the blogs that have just been added to the directory, and you can also discover the locations from where people are blogging. And that’s just the beginning of the types of searches you can perform!

Using the Genealogy Blog Finder, you can also search by genealogy news, personal research, photography, cemeteries, conferences, podcasts, famous folks, corporate, humor, community, and much more.

Another neat feature available on Genealogy Blog Finder is the ability to suggest a blog, or update a listing. If you have a genealogy blog that you think the world needs to know about, go to and add it to the site.