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Sometimes You Succeed (or Finding My Brothers’ Graves)

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

My four siblings and I were born in Boulder, Colorado, back in a previous century. My older brother, Alan, died the day he was born. Do the math; I never met him. One of my younger brothers, Douglas, died three days after he was born, but I never met him, either. My older sister recalls seeing him and attending the small funeral. One of the ironies of life in the modern world is that both died of complications of an Rh-factor problem. Less than two decades later, this problem was quite manageable and reliably survivable.

My only related memory is of visiting my brothers’ graves at a small cemetery near the Boulder airport. I remember cards in plastic, marking the graves until gravestones would be installed.

We left Boulder for southeastern Idaho when I was ten. I was the first to return, and that was more that 30 years later. My parents’ recollection was that they never bought gravestones. There has been talk for some years of needing to go back to Boulder and take care of that.

My family and I were vacationing in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas several years ago, and we decided to spend a day in Boulder. I took them on a short tour of landmarks, including the home where I spent my first decade; the nearby park through which I was not supposed to walk on my way home from school, but often did; and my first elementary school, now renamed. I took some photos, then managed to lose the memory card containing them before returning home.

We went to one — or maybe it’s a hundred — of Boulder’s main attractions, the Pearl Street pedestrian mall. I left the family there and went to find the nearest cemetery to the airport, according to an online map. It was as I remembered it, including the airport’s landing pattern. My mission was to get information which would help us finally to place gravestones at my brothers’ graves and, if possible, to find the graves themselves.

MyFamily Application Finalist at Bebo B.E.S.T. Awards Ceremony & Developer Meet Up

Friday, February 20th, 2009

On Wednesday, MyFamily application on Bebo received a finalist award (in the top 17 out of more than 2,000 applications) at the Bebo B.E.S.T. (Bebo Engage to Succeed Today) Awards Ceremony & Developer Meet Up in San Francisco, California. The purpose of the meeting was to find and reward the most engaging new applications on Bebo.

The Bebo version of the MyFamily application was added to oBebo in February 2008. It allows individuals to create stick figure representations of their families for display on their profiles. To download the MyFamily application on Bebo, click here or go to:

MyFamily application is also available on To download this application on Facebook, go to:

About Bebo

Bebo is the next generation social networking service where members can stay in touch with their College friends, connect with friends, share photos, discover new interests and just hang out., Inc. Acquires My Family Application on

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Extends lead as top publisher of social networking applications for families

PROVO, UT, June 26, 2008 —, Inc., the company behind We’re Related, the No.1 family application on Facebook, has acquired the popular My Family application, which has more than 1.5 million users across five social networks, including Facebook and MySpace.The My Family app lets social networking users creatively represent their family members and pets on their web pages with cute stick figure icons. More than 8,000 new users per day add the applications. My Family is currently the 26th most popular application on MySpace and it has nearly 8,000 fans on Facebook.

“We believe in social networking as a way to reach families,” said Jason McGowan, director of social networking at “The My Family applications appeal to younger family members, and help us reach a new audience. Acquiring My Family gives us a significant presence on other social networks, such as bebo,, hi5, and Friendster and extends our leadership position in family social networking.”

We’re Related allows people to create and share their family tree, connect with members of their living families, and find relatives who are using Facebook. Combined, We’re Related and My Family have more than 5.7 million users and nearly 120,000 daily active users on Facebook. Both applications are especially popular in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Comments from My Family users show how much they have embraced this application.

My Family application is one of the greatest applications on Facebook,” said Verda Eylül Varan, My Family user on Facebook from Turkey.

“I really like the My Family app. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing new ‘people’ on the app,” said Brooke Beaudoin-Boger, My Family user on Facebook from Sault Ste. Marie, MI.

“I REALLY like this application. It can also grow with you as you families grow,” said Andree Rossignol, My Family user on Facebook from Saint John, New Brunswick.

The acquisition of My Family will boost, Inc’s potential for increased ad revenue. For more information about advertising or to learn more about the positive impact of this acquisition for, Inc., send an email to

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About, Inc., Inc. is a family of services that includes,, and the We’re Related application on Facebook. The focus of the company is to provide innovative tools to connect families., Inc. has more than 1.9 million unique global visitors each month and 17.5 million impressions per month. Founded in 2006 by Paul Allen and several key members of the original team, provides affordable access to genealogy databases and family history tools. More than 30,000 individuals have subscribed to With more than a billion records and thousands of databases – including birth, death, military, census, and parish records – makes it easy to fill in missing information in your family tree. Some of its partners include Everton Publishers, Quintin Publications, Archive CD Books Australia, Gould Genealogy, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, Archive CD Books Canada, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., SmallTownPapers®, Accessible Archives, Genealogical Publishing Company, Find My Past, Godfrey Memorial Library, Find A Grave, and FamilySearch. Investors include vSpring Capital and several angel investors.