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WVR Database in Review: The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

The Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island by John Osborne Austin. (1887) 2006.

Austin has compiled accounts of more than 460 families who settled in Rhode Island during the seventeenth century, tracing some of the families to the third generation and others to the fourth, including both male and female lines. These accounts include extensive extracts from original sources.

Among the original source material, Austin placed special emphasis on probate records, with full abstracts of the wills and inventories of many first, second and third generation settlers. He made a special effort to summarize the officeholding of each settler, and also included information on land transactions and religious affiliations.

More than 90 of the accounts are taken to the birth of the fourth generation. The families so treated are generally the earliest settlers, and include most of the early religious and civic leaders of the colony. For most sketches, whether of three generations or four, the members of the final generation listed were born from about the 1690s to the 1730s. Some of the accounts include information on the European origins of the settlers, and, where pertinent, on earlier residence in Massachusetts Bay Colony.

This database courtesy of Archive CD Books USA.

Four Partners Collaborate on Archive CD Books Project

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Across the world there are several groups working on commercial projects related to genealogy and family history. One of these groups, the Archive CD Books Project, is truly international, with four partners in different areas of the globe. The team is represented by companies in Canada, Ireland, Australia and the United States. All of these companies have partnered with to bring many rare genealogy resources online.

The members of the Archive CD Books Project create digital reproductions of old books, documents, and maps and make them available on CD to genealogists and historians. Thousands of titles have already been published in this way and the number is growing. Each scanned book is then made available to all of the other partner companies.  Archive CD Books also works with local libraries, museums, and record offices by providing money to renovate old books from the organization’s collection. Archive CD Books also donates books to library collections, where they will be preserved for future generations.

The Archive CD Books model not only provides individuals with access to the project’s entire worldwide inventory of CDs, but with so many different offices, it serves to reduce delivery time and shipping costs.

The project started with Rod Neep in the UK in March 2000 (the UK company is no longer operational), and has now developed worldwide, with each country scanning and producing its own books on CD. The Canadian branch (Archive CD Books Canada) was formed during 2003 and opened for business in March 2004. To access Archive CD Books Canada on, click here.

Archive CD Books Ireland was established in 2005, with the aim of digitizing its rich published heritage and making it available on CD. Archive CD Books Ireland and Eneclann are currently working in partnership with Trinity College Library (the largest library in Ireland) to digitize the old books in that library’s care.

Archive CD Books Australia was established 2003. Over 600 of their titles can be found at

Archive CD Books USA was formed in mid 2005. The U.S. company works with societies, libraries, and individuals to digitize a wide range of U.S. historical resources. Click here to access the Archive CD Books database on