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Wonderbase of the Week: 300 New Databases From Godfrey Memorial Library

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

This week’s Wonderbase at is comprised of a series of 300 databases from the Godfrey Memorial Library. These databases will be released throughout this week. Click here to access these databases.

The first databases to be launched contain biographies. These biographies can be especially useful if they were written specifically about your ancestor. Not only will they provide important information to add to your genealogy records, but they will include contextual information about your relatives that can help you transform your genealogy into family history.

Many of the biographies being posted this week highlight well-known, prominent individuals. Some of the titles about prominent people include: American Statesman: Albert Gallatin; Makers of America: Alexander Hamilton; David Hummell Greer: Eighth Bishop of New York; The Life of Rev. George C. Haddock; Great Commanders: General Greene; and The Life of Captain Nathan Hale: The Martyr-Spy of the American Revolution.

In addition to these biographies, there are many others that focus on ordinary people. Some of these titles include: Descendants of Joseph Greene of Westerly, Rhode Island; James Hall of Albany; The Life of Jacob Gruber; Galusha A. Grow; Memories, Grave and Gay: Florence Howe Hall; and An Astronomer’s Wife: The Biography of Angeline Hall.

Although your ancestor may not have a biography written about him or her, he or she may have associated in some way with a subject of one of the biographies. For example, you may know that an ancestor worked for a certain company during a certain time period, and perhaps the owner of that company may have a biography written about him. The biography might mention your ancestor specifically. Even if it doesn’t, the book can still be valuable to your research because it can provide insight into the day-to-day life of your ancestor.

As always, these databases are fully indexed and will be free for ten days. Currently Posting 300 Databases Each Week From Godfrey Memorial Library

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

For the next month,, in coordination with its partnership with the Godfrey Memorial Library, will post 300 databases a week. In fact, last week posted 300 databases from the Godfrey Memorial Library Collection. These databases come from the Godfrey Funeral Sermons database, as well as the Godfrey Library database. has scanned the Godfrey Funeral Sermons Collection and hundreds of family histories in the Godfrey Memorial Library.

The purpose of the Godfrey Memorial Library is to promote the study of family history by:

• Inspiring individuals in all sectors of society to study their heritage and their own place in history.

• Supporting educational activities that create enthusiasm for family research.

• Making genealogical and historical resources available to all on a national and international level by continuing the expansion, modernization, and distribution of the collection of print, electronic manuscript and other information media as technology develops.

Presently, Godfrey Library has approximately 200,000 books and periodicals in its collection including: state and local histories, international resources, family histories, biographies, records by religious organizations, church records, funeral records, cemetery records, military records, maps, etc.

From the Godfrey Memorial Library Collection.

Wonderbase of the Week: 80 Godfrey Memorial Library Databases

Monday, March 10th, 2008

The Wonderbase of the Week at is 80 databases from the Godfrey Memorial Library collection and contains family histories, pedigrees and memoirs. Click here to view the databases.

The largest database, A Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Bixby, 1621 – 1701, of Ipswich and Boxford, Massachusetts who spell the name Bixby, Bigby,Bryxbee, Bixbee, Bigbee or Byxbe and of the Bixby Family in England, Descendants of Walter Bekesby 1427 of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk, was compiled byWilliard Goldthwaite Bixby and published in 1914.

In the preface, the publisher talks about how the genealogy came about: “In a letter to a cousin, Dr. Bixby relates how, during a summer vacation, out of curiosity, he examined the town and church records of Topsfield, Essex County, Massachusetts. He had heard a tradition that his ancestors had come from Topsfield, but he was amazed at the wealth of material concerning the family which he found there, and what he found fired his ambition to learn more about his ancestry. He devoted to the work all the spare time he could get in summer vacations, and during the remainder of the year carried on, with his own hand, an extensive correspondence with the Bixbys of whom he learned. The work rapidly broadened and it was fortunate that Dr. Bixby’s son-in-law, Reverend Truman Johnson, M.D., was able to assist. Dr. Johnson continued the correspondence and searches begun by Dr. Bixby and arranged in genealogical sequence the material already in hand.”

Another large database, the Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America, is a work completed over an eight year period. The author, in speaking about the labor it took to compile the information, said: “Some years ago I was prompted by a desire to see the history of our family put in such shape, as to place before the descendants of our emigrant ancestor, records of the early generations which might prove of value and interest to those now bearing the name of Bostwick or their descendants. I do not claim that this work contains the name of every descendant of our earliest ancestor, but, as far as it has been possible to obtain the, it contains the names of all persons positively identified with the original line of descent. I have had the usual experience of all genealogists in encountering several classes of persons, in preparing this work.”

Other titles include A Memorial of Alice and Phoebe Cary, with Some of Their Later Poems; Letters, Journals and Memories of E. Huntington; and Exercises at the Hanging of a Portrait of the Honorable Joseph Hodges Choate in the Banking Rooms of the Merchants National Bank of Salem, Massachusetts.

The Godfrey Memorial Library has partnered with to make these and other databases available online to a wider audience.