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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Additional databases at mean more family connections for users

PROVO, UT, July 14, 2008 — On October 4, 2006, launched with 24 online databases. Now, less than two years later, has more than 10,000 databases online that contain more than one billion names.

“Our original goal and promise to members, which we thought was very aggressive, was to release one new database each day on,” said David Lifferth,, Inc. “Looking back, we have, in fact, averaged more than 21 databases each business day since our launch.”

Although is a subscription-based site, more than 400 million names in 500 databases are in free databases available to anyone. All of the United States content launched at is available free for the first ten days.

The 10,000 databases on include content from more than 70 countries, and from more than 40 major content providers worldwide. Some of the major record collections include family histories, pedigree charts, newspapers, vital records, censuses, cemetery records, immigration and military records, and reference material..

“Reaching the 10,000-database milestone is an incredible step for,” said Paul Allen, CEO,, Inc. “Our partners have been very supportive over the past two years, and we are looking forward to a continued strong focus on providing more databases to help users connect with their families.”

The top ten databases at Social Security Death Index, Find A Grave, Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Records (1892 – 1924), WWII Army Enlistment, Everton Pedigree Charts and Family Group Sheets, UK 1881 Census, Maine Marriage Records, and Everton’s Genealogical Helper.

With additional content being added every day at, many individuals are having success finding their ancestors.

“I am very pleasantly impressed by what I have seen so far, and have signed up for the two-year subscription. What clinched it for me was doing a search for my Polish family name and being amazed to find a reference to my mid-nineteenth century great-great grandparents in an obscure digitized Polish book, which I would never, never have found any other way. Please keep up the good work, and continue to amaze me,” said Natalie Lamb, member from Berkshire, England.

“I am very impressed with the progress that is being made on the amount of databases being put online for subscribers. I found a book titled History of Christian Gnaegi, which is one of my direct ancestors and I was very pleased to see that,” said Patsy Sutton, member.

“I just wanted to let you folks know that you are doing a fantastic job getting so many records online. It is unbelievable the amount of records in so short a time that are online at I always look forward to seeing what new databases are going to be posted. Keep up the good work,” said Cheryl Moore, member.

Media Contact
Whitney Ransom
Corporate Communications Director, Inc.

About, Inc., Inc. is a family of services that includes,, and the We’re Related application on Facebook. The focus of the company is to provide innovative tools to connect families., Inc. has more than 1.9 million unique global visitors each month and 17.5 million impressions per month. Founded in 2006 by Paul Allen and several key members of the original team, provides affordable access to genealogy databases and family history tools. More than 30,000 individuals have subscribed to With more than a billion records and thousands of databases-including birth, death, military, census, and parish makes it easy to fill in missing information in your family tree. Some of its partners include Everton Publishers, Quintin Publications, Archive CD Books Australia, Gould Genealogy, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild, Archive CD Books Canada, The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., SmallTownPapers®, Accessible Archives, Genealogical Publishing Company, Find My Past, Godfrey Memorial Library, Find A Grave, and FamilySearch. Investors include vSpring Capital and several angel investors., Inc. Mentioned in LDS Church Ensign Magazine

Friday, July 11th, 2008

Recently the LDS Church mentioned in the July edition of the Ensign magazine. The mentions discusses how, Inc. will enhance the FamilySearch Catalog.

The mention includes the following:

A partnership with will improve navigation on, reduce research time, and allow major search engines to comb the Church’s Family History Library Catalog. The new Web elements provided by will allow users to link directly to other sources, post comments, and make contributions such as adding missing information to a source. Some of the enhancements will be implemented in 2008.

To view the Ensign mention in pdf format, click here. The mention is on page 82.

To view the press release on the specific enhancements, Inc. will make to the Family History Library Catalog, click here.

Congratulations to Patricia Briggs,’s 30,000th Subscriber!!!

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Patricia Briggs from Dowling, Ontario, Canada is’s 30,00th subscriber! reached this 30,000th subscriber milestone last Friday evening (April 25, 2008).

As the 30,000th subscriber, Briggs is the recipient of a free 1-year subscription to Everton’s Genealogical Helper, the FamilyTreeMaker 16 (which includes six months of, and an extra year to the World Collection.

For the past six years, Briggs has been doing genealogy and claims that it is a thoroughly enjoyable hobby. In fact, she has traced her husband’s genealogy back to 89 AD. Briggs claims that her husband is Icelandic, which has made it easier to perform the research.

Briggs became interested in genealogy shortly after her father passed away. A man who happened to be the second cousin to Brigg’s father approached her and requested for some genealogical help. From this point on, Briggs continued to do genealogy and family history.

Briggs has already had some success searching for her ancestors on In about five minutes, she found some information in a database that helped her connect a family together that she has been working on for the past five years.

She is currently performing researching for family members in Canada, England, and the United States. Briggs would also love to find additional genealogical information on Barbados. Ranked #10 Most Popular Genealogy Site For 2008

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

Kory Meyerink recently gave a presentation on the 50 Most Popular Genealogy Web Sites at the Conference on Computerized Family History and Genealogy. was ranked number 10 on this list!

Ranking Criteria

Meyerink felt this list was needed to minimize opinion ranking and to provide a useful list based on an extensive study of genealogical Web traffic. He first merged the rankings from,, and Google PageRank. Then he used Alexa’s top 100 under Genealogy, Kip Sperry’s Link List, Genealogy Sleuth List, cross-linked sites noted on as similar, and Yahoo and Google Directories to compile the list.

Meyerink used sites that were specifically designed for genealogical purposes (free sites, as well as paid), multiple sites from the same owner (if they had a different URL), sites of primary interest to genealogists, and sites that had a ranking of 2-3 ranking services. He did not include the following type of sites in the list: government, repository, general sites (,, and general reference sites (dictionaries, gazetteers, calendars, etc.).

About the Presenter

Kory Meyerink, BS, MLS, AG®, FUGA, has been involved in nearly every aspect of genealogy and family history for the past 20 years. Kory is an accredited genealogist in four geographic areas (Germany, Midwestern U.S., Eastern U.S. and New England U.S.). He specializes in tracing the origins of German and Dutch immigrants.

Click here to view the list of the 50 Most Popular Genealogy Web Sites. Receives Great Gratitude Award

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Recently LaRae Kerr announced the Great Gratitude Awards in the Daily Herald, Utah County’s Leading Newspaper, and was a recipient! The Great Gratitude Awards were given to a “barn full of Web sites and one genealogy organization.”

Here are LaRae’s comments from the Great Gratitude Award article about

Another new Web site,, which was launched in October 2006, just three months before, also receives a Great Gratitude Award. This site carries small-town newspapers, the Everton Collection, international parish registers and much more for a great monthly or yearly price. WorldVitalRecords partners with the Godfrey Memorial Library and other organizations. It also provides members with FamilyLink and We’reRelated on Facebook, services that connect families and friends.

Click here to view the entire Great Gratitude Awards article.

On a personal note, I recently met LaRae Kerr for the first time at the St. George Genealogy Expo. LaRae has written in various journals and has been doing genealogy for 48 years! She is very knowledgeable, charismatic, and really cares about helping individuals connect with their families through genealogical work. is honored to receive this award. Thank you, LaRae!

DearMYRTLE Recognizes

Monday, February 11th, 2008

Recently, ( announced the Internet for Genealogists Awards. These awards are given to honor excellent work. ranked as the number 1 database site. Besides the top database site category, the Internet for Genealogists Award also includes the following categories: blog, instruction, scanned image site, podcast, video, commentary, innovation, most interesting thread, and ethnic studies. The Internet for Genealogists Awards has been a feature that began in 1995 as a column in one of Myrt’s Sunday postings.

Here is the comment from’s site about

DATABASE SITE:, already expanding an impressive US collection of genealogy data, WVR will release releasing tomorrow the new World Collection mentioned in my previous blog entry. Paul Allen’s projects never fail to amaze me. –DearMYRTLE, Your friend in genealogy.

Click here to view the full blog post.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with, Myrt (the author of launched her site in 1998, although the site began to be popular in 1999. She is a well known and respected genealogist. Myrt’s work appears in various places such as Myrt’s The Everything Online Genealogy Book (published in 2000), Heritage Quest Magazine, and Everton’s Genealogical Helper. She has also published small books such as, Getting Started with Your Family History and Internet Research: Top 20 Things to Do Online. And Journals & Personal Histories: A Weekly Plan for Success.

Myrt claims that the purpose of her site is to “engage our minds in a conversation of sorts – stimulating thought and jogging us out of our respective genealogy research ruts.”

BEST of the Internet for Genealogists Award: Ranks #1 Database Site For The Week

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 ranked as the number 1 database site for the best of the Internet for Genealogists Award for the week!

Here is the comment from DearMyrtle’s site:
DATABASE SITE:, already expanding an impressive US collection of genealogy data, WVR will release releasing tomorrow the new World Collection mentioned in my previous blog entry. Paul Allen’s projects never fail to amaze me.

Happy family tree climbing! Myrt :)

DearMYRTLE, Your friend in genealogy.

Click here to view the full blog post.

Congratulations to Kristin Thomson of Delta, CO,’s 20,000th Subscriber

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 wishes to extend congratulations to Kristin Thomson who became’s 20,00th subscriber last Friday!!!

“I am excited about finding out about WorldVitalRecords and anticipate it will be a great help in getting me up and going again and in my continued research, particularly in Indiana, Kansas, Germany and England,” Kristin said.

Kristin has been doing family history work for more than 25 years. She has an associate’s degree in Genealogy, a bachelor’s of science in Family and Community History and a master’s in Library and Information Sciences.

“I have always liked history. My family was from Europe, so I thought European history was a nice focus to study. I am also the main person who does genealogy, so it put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders to do the work. However, my family has been very cooperative when I have asked them questions. My siblings are always interested when I learn new things or find information about our family and our ancestors,” Kristin said.

After graduation at age 50, Kristin served an internship in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and has worked in other public libraries as a reference librarian, always taking the chance to interest patrons in any genealogical materials housed in the library or online.

“Family History is exciting, and I look forward to working and researching as the field opens wider with new and improved and ever changing products and helps,” Kristin said.

Kristin has also served in her local Family History Center (where she heard about off and on for about 10 years.

“I think my favorite thing about family history is that you can just immerse yourself in it, and kind of forget the world. It’s fun to see what you can come up with in just a few minutes of searching,” Kristin said. “For me, family history is a way that I can relax and not feel guilty about not getting the floor vacuumed, or other things that I think are important. I can’t sit down in the middle of the day and read a book, but I can sit down and do genealogy because I feel its worthwhile.”