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Holiday Competition

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

MyHeritage is having great Holiday Competition – Join in the fun by following the details found HERE on the MyHeritage Blog.

MyHeritage Holiday CompetitionHappy Holidays

Finding, recording Christmas traditions and stories

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Finding, recording Christmas traditions and stories

I heard a story recently about a Christmas tree decorated with real candles.  In years’ past that’s how they did it – real trees and real candles – possibly a combustible combination.  It was a great story and one that will be handed down through the family for years to come.

In our home, the tree goes up on or near Thanksgiving and comes down soon after Christmas. We think it looks boring after the gifts are gone.  My wife insists that we begin placing gifts under the tree as soon as possible instead of waiting until Christmas Eve.  Growing up, we waited to place the presents because we kids just had to peek.

Our tree ornaments in my childhood home were re-used each year.  Little clay figures made at school, paper chains, popcorn strands – it was very much a kid’s tree.  As we got older, the decorations became more decorative than historic.  Now, at home, we have no historical ornaments – just those that look nice.  It’s a big decorative tree which puts us all in the holiday mood. (more…)