Tid-Bit Research Strategies

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By Amanda Forson, WorldVitalRecords.com
Find an ancestor in the Social Security Death index on WorldVitalRecords.com by entering the first last name in the Quick Search form.

If your search yields too many results, use the Advanced Search form and specify a year (either the birth year or death year). If this does not bring up the desired ancestor�s name, remove the year and enter, instead, a location (state) where the person died. Once you find your ancestor, write down the information included in the results.

Part Two: Using the following link, http://www.socialsecurity.gov/foia/html/foia_guide.htm, you have the option of either a computerized extract of the Social Security Application or the original. For direct access to the form for requesting the originals, go to: https://s044a90.ssa.gov/apps7/efoiassa/internet/SSA711.jsp .

To purchase the originals (with the Social Security number, since you already found the SSN on day one,) the request will cost $27, equivalent to a Disney DVD.

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