Congratulations to Patricia Briggs,’s 30,000th Subscriber!!!

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Patricia Briggs from Dowling, Ontario, Canada is’s 30,00th subscriber! reached this 30,000th subscriber milestone last Friday evening (April 25, 2008).

As the 30,000th subscriber, Briggs is the recipient of a free 1-year subscription to Everton’s Genealogical Helper, the FamilyTreeMaker 16 (which includes six months of, and an extra year to the World Collection.

For the past six years, Briggs has been doing genealogy and claims that it is a thoroughly enjoyable hobby. In fact, she has traced her husband’s genealogy back to 89 AD. Briggs claims that her husband is Icelandic, which has made it easier to perform the research.

Briggs became interested in genealogy shortly after her father passed away. A man who happened to be the second cousin to Brigg’s father approached her and requested for some genealogical help. From this point on, Briggs continued to do genealogy and family history.

Briggs has already had some success searching for her ancestors on In about five minutes, she found some information in a database that helped her connect a family together that she has been working on for the past five years.

She is currently performing researching for family members in Canada, England, and the United States. Briggs would also love to find additional genealogical information on Barbados.

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