New Feature at Searching by Date Field

Posted by on recently added a new feature that allows individuals to search by date field. This feature is listed on all advanced search boxes, as well as the search box listed on the home page of and is titled: year. This box is located directly under the Place search box and to the left of the Matching Type box.

How does it work?
This feature is easy to use. Simply type in any date that was an important date pertaining to the individual for whom you are searching. For example, it could be a birth date, death date, marriage date, etc. Suppose I was searching for an individual with the surname Brandon who died in 1920. I would type, Brandon into the Family Name search box and 2006 in the Year search box and click Search. 701 matches in 32 databases for Brandon (1920) appear on the screen. I would then need to browse through the databases for the information I needed.

For what databases can I use the Search by Date/Year feature?
This new search feature enhances date searching a great deal for the data sets at that include date fields. Some databases, such as newspapers, do not included date fields, and will not necessarily return results for that year (unless the rest of the information you type matches and will bring up results).

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