Become a Fan of Genealogy on Facebook

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Get the latest genealogy news, tips, and tricks from our new Facebook pages: Genealogy and Family History. Visit our pages and become a fan!

What is the purpose of these Genealogy Facebook Pages?

1. Provide a forum to share genealogical discoveries

2. Post insights related to the genealogy industry as a whole

3. Provide a way for people to identify themselves as “fans” of genealogy

4. Share updates from experts and prominent genealogists

How do I become a fan of genealogy and family history on Facebook?

Simply click on these links: Genealogy and Family History. * You must be a member of Facebook to become a fan of genealogy and family history.

Why should I become a genealogy and family history fan?

Combined, the genealogy and family history groups have nearly 10,000 members, and the groups are growing at a rapid rate. Here you will find 10,000 people who love

genealogy and family history just like you do. You can connect with other genealogists, and get the latest genealogy buzz for free!

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